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A lot of our patients have spoken to us about whitening their teeth.  Over the past 10 years there have been a tremendous amount of whitening products available on the market.  From take home kits, to OTC toothpastes and strips, to professional in-office whitening procedures.  This myriad of choices has become very confusing for our patients and has led to my increased personal interest in the matter.  I have worked with a number of professional whitening agents over the past 11 years of my practice and, in my opinion, ZOOM is the fastest, most effective, and least uncomfortable way to achieve a whiter smile.

Tooth stain can be a result of many different factors including: food/beverage, smoking, aging, genetics, medications, compromised oral hygiene.  Dr. Kaufman and her team will evaluate the existing shade of your teeth and will help you to determine whether ZOOM teeth whitening is a good choice for you. 

When it comes to dental procedures we are known as Wellington Florida's premiere cosmetic dentists.


  • ZOOM teeth whitening takes less than an hour of chair time to complete.

  • ZOOM results are long-lasting.

  • ZOOM penetrates into tooth structure so that deep stains can be removed.

  • ZOOM provides immediate results. 

  • ZOOM is performed by our Dental Professionals so that your whitening results are predictable.



Zoom! Technology - Using a patented whitening formula, ZOOM laser activated gel is the market leader in teeth whitening results.  The high concentration material is placed directly on the smile and replaced for three, fifteen minute intervals so that optimum whitening is achieved.  Each whitening cycle is activated with the ZOOM laser to ensure proper penetration into tooth structure.  In order to protect your surrounding soft tissue, barriers are placed so that only the smile is exposed.

Transform Your Smile - The patients, at our Wellington, Fl practice, have reported great satisfaction with their ZOOM whitening. Aside from some mild post-operative discomfort (which your dentist and hygienist will instruct you on), we have seen remarkable whitening effects from this system.  ZOOM whitening is a quick, simple, and cost-effective way to look 10 years younger!

Results Up To 8 Shades Lighter - For patients complaining of tooth stain, ZOOM will always be considered. Dentist, Dr. Marianna Kaufman, evaluates all her patients with stained  teeth to determine whether they are a candidate for ZOOM teeth whitening.  A comprehensive evaluation is completed to identify any areas of tooth decay or active gum disease - such conditions may require treatment before whitening can be offered.  In addition, existing dentistry such as fillings or crowns will not typically whiten. It is important to identify existing dentistry and discuss possible replacement of discolored restorations in conjunction with whitening. Although we have seen tremendous results with ZOOM whitening, not all stain can be treated with this technology.  Cases of severe stain, failing or discolored dentistry, and tooth malposition can not be effectively treated with whitening.  In these situations, Dr. Kaufman and her team will discuss which options will best meet your expectations.  Please visit our smile gallery to see before and after photos of patients who presented with staining, broken teeth, and mismatched dentistry.