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Porcelain Veneers

Your smile leaves a lasting impression. A beautiful smile begins with beautiful teeth. One method of reshaping your teeth and your smile is the placement of porcelain dental veneers.


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You will find that the dentists at Kaufman Dental Associates stand behind their work. Not only is Dr Kaufman’s work natural, it is safe and long-lasting. Dr Kaufman takes great care in preparing the teeth and removing any signs of decay prior to applying the veneers. This prevents the need for revisions to your veneers, or worse, more extensive future dental work.


Patients looking for exceptional results will find that our office offers an excellent value proposition. Fees are reasonable for the level of craftsmanship, care, materials, service and time spent on each case and with each patient.

what are porcelain veneers?


What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are thin sheets of porcelain bonded over the top of the front of the teeth. They are made of an extremely durable, translucent material with a texture that is almost indistinguishable from tooth enamel. This covering can mask aesthetic imperfections in your smile and help to improve overall appearance.


Why porcelain veneers?

Individuals who have always been self-conscious about their teeth may be accustomed to hiding their smile. By covering their mouth when smiling or laughing, or even smiling or laughing less, a less-than-beautiful smile can have a profound effect on self-esteem.

Beautiful porcelain veneers will give you a smile that you will be proud to share. Your best and most fabulous smile will boost your self-confidence, and take years off how you look and feel.



After. “Life changing smile” twenty four custom porcelain restorations.

After. “Life changing smile” twenty four custom porcelain restorations.


How it works and what is involved?

The first step in your journey to your best smile is a consultation with Dr. Kaufman. She will examine your teeth and your face as an aesthetic whole. Together you will discuss the possibilities and options available to create your radiant smile. 

Should veneers be the best solution for you, Dr Kaufman will have you schedule an appointment during which your teeth are prepared and impressions are taken. Your impressions are sent to the lab where master ceramists individually craft your full set of porcelain veneers. Working with Dr. Kaufman, the ceramists will create a set of veneers suited to your face structure, skin tone, and smile, selecting the ideal luminescence, the perfect shading, all with the ultimate goal of creating an anatomically correct and beautiful sculpture for your unique smile.

At your next appointment,Dr. Kaufman bonds the veneers seamlessly  over your natural teeth. Your masterpiece is complete and a fabulous, natural smile is forever yours.

Dr. Kaufman is a dentist and an artist. She believes that dentistry is a combination of art and science. With care, skill, precision, and artistry, Dr. Kaufman works to shape your smile into a one-of-a-kind beautiful and natural masterpiece.



After. Six custom porcelain veneers. Two custom porcelain crowns. Stunning!

After. Six custom porcelain veneers. Two custom porcelain crowns. Stunning!

Why Kaufman Dental Associates for Porcelain Veneers? 

Skillfully and artfully crafted porcelain veneers are a natural and elegant way to achieve the beautiful smile you have always wanted. 

The veneers placed by Dr. Kaufman will look natural, with impressive anatomy, translucency, and position. Size, shape, and proper lip support will be discussed and evaluated. No one should know they have veneers. When Dr. Kaufman places your veneers, they will look like an improved version of your own smile, not like an artificial correction. 

An artificial looking smile is a failure in Dr. Kaufman’s eyes. She works with the top master ceramists in the country to provide you with the highest quality veneer possible. She conscientiously takes the time to ensure that no detail is overlooked. She has been called a perfectionist by other professionals in the field, and she wears this name with pride, as she believes her work should be nothing less than perfect. 


After: Invisalign® to broaden the smile. Two custom porcelain veneers.