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Holistic approach

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“ I am frequently asked what it means to be a Holistic Dentist. To me, holistic dentistry involves a comprehensive approach to patient care. That is, I look at each patient as an individual. I evaluate the condition of their teeth, their jaw, and their supporting muscles. We consider the role of diet, lifestyle and systemic conditions as they relate to your oral health. In addition, we offer biocompatibility testing in order to ensure that the most agreeable materials may be utilized for treatment. Lastly, we avoid the use of fluoride, mercury, and other known toxins. When already present, their removal is done as safely as possible. My team and I have been highly trained in keeping you safe during treatment.”



 Did you know that the vast majority of silver fillings contain at least 50% mercury? At Kaufman Dental Associates, we are proud to offer the safest techniques to protect your health while removing this toxic material. S.M.A.R.T. certification means that we are well trained in minimizing your exposure to mercury. Call us today to discuss mercury safe treatment!

Neuromuscular Dentistry

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-Neuromuscular/Physiological Dentistry –

When I graduated dental school I was so eager to begin my career as a dentist. My first few years were spent in gaining speed and confidence in my ability. The next few years were actually tougher...... I began to realize that although I had learned so much, there was so much left to learn. Neuromuscular dentistry served to “fill in the blanks” for me. It is a physiological approach which considers the teeth, muscles, and jaws and the harmony (or lack there of) therein. Over the years, my patients have truly appreciated this comprehensive holistic approach.



-Biocompatibility testing-

We work closely with several organizations which offer biocompatibility and genetic testing. The findings we gain help to identify which materials will be the most biocompatible upon placement.


- Dental Ozone Therapy-

Ozone is an unstable form of oxygen which may be infused into liquid or oil.  Ozonated liquids may be used in a variety of therapeutic fashions. Ozone is highly antimicrobial, consider it an all natural antibiotic! We use ozone to help detoxify areas of the mouth in need.




NuCalm is an all natural system which helps to put the mind and body at ease during dental appointments.  I have been using NuCalm on my patients for the past 5 years and cannot imagine practicing without it.



Fluoride Free Practice


-Fluoride Free-

Fluoride free – I believe that good diet, good homecare (flossing, brushing, oil pulling) and a healthy gut are the best way to stay cavity free. There are many conflicting studies regarding the use and questionable benefits of fluoride. Our practice philosophy embraces a more natural approach to cavity prevention.