Kaufman Dental Associates



It has been my pleasure to offer NuCalm to my patients over the past 5 years. When I first introduced this revolutionary technology, I had no idea that it would change the way I practice so profoundly. This valuable system has helped my patients to achieve a deep sense of calmness during their visits with me. Remarkably, this state of well being positively influences my patient’s recovery even after they leave my chair!

The neuroscience used to develop NuCalm quickly relaxes the mind and the body to a pre- sleep state which is the hallmark of deep relaxation. Quite literally, it disables stress. After 5 minutes, I witness my patients truly relax in the chair. Instead of tight muscles and strained posture, my patients physical form appears relaxed and comfortable. This translates to a much more pleasant dental visit, for me and for my patients. With NuCalm, my team and I have confidence that our patients are as relaxed as possible. This allows us to focus on providing the best dentistry we are capable of. After our dental visit, the benefit of NuCalm persists. Science shows that stress can interfere with healing. In fact, stress causes a cascade of events to occur which may prevent cellular repair. NuCalm disables the stress and prompts the body to repair itself quickly and efficiently. What does this mean for our patients? It means less post- operative pain, less inflammation, and a good nights sleep after our visits together!