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Overcoming Dental Fear

My team and I take tremendous pride in rehabilitating so many patients with a history of dental anxiety. Our approach is simple: We get to know each patient in our practice. Your past experiences are important to us! In developing relationships, we find that trust must be earned. As such, we welcome questions and can provide literature on most procedures that we do. For those who need more than a patient approach coupled with TLC, we may offer the following complements:



NuCalm – This neuroacoustic software has changed my life as a dentist. It is, by far, my favorite dental tool. NuCalm is an all-natural system which safely creates deep relaxation. During your dental visit you will notice the tension in your body melt away. The tremendous reduction in my patients’ stress during their visits with me allows me to focus on the dentistry. Relaxed and happy patient = relaxed and happy dentist! Please click here to learn more about this revolutionary technology.



Cerec®,Same Day Crowns

Same Day Treatment – Using CAD/CAM technology, we are able to complete many of our dental restorations in a single visit. This allows for fewer visits with fewer injections. Please click here for more information on our same day treatment. 


Nitrous Oxide


Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) –This gas, inhaled through the nose, allows for immediate relaxation.  Patients describe the feeling as one of “floating” or “tingling” throughout the body.  Although it is not appropriate for every person or every procedure, nitrous oxide offers an immediate reduction in anxiety for many of our patients.  Upon completion of the procedure, our patients are placed on 100% oxygen to flush the nitrous oxide gas out of the body and are usually able to drive themselves home.

A thorough review of your health history is necessary prior to administering this gas.


Prescription Anxiolytics


Prescription Anxiolytics – For those patients who have very severe dental anxiety a prescription medication may be considered. During our first visit we will review your dental and health history. A prescription medication may be prescribed if your dental anxiety cannot be controlled with more natural solutions.