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At Kaufman Dental Associates we are concerned about the effects that toxic materials can have on the health of our patients and on the environment.

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At Kaufman Dental Associates we are concerned about the effects that toxic materials may have on the health of our patients and on the environment. Many people don’t realize that “silver” amalgam fillings are composed of at least 50% mercury. The combination of silver, tin and copper typically comprise the remaining 50%. A large filling may contain as much mercury as was found in an old fashioned thermometer. In the United States we have chosen to abandon mercury containing thermometers due to risk of mercury exposure if broken. We know mercury to be the most toxic, non-radioactive element on earth, yet many dentists are still using it on a regular basis.

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In my practice I have chosen not to offer mercury containing materials as a restorative option to my patients. Furthermore, my team and I have been trained in the safest possible mercury filling removal techniques. Our S.M.A.R.T certification ensures that we are committed to protecting our patients, our environment, and ourselves while working with this toxic material.

Our mission is to minimize our patients’ exposure to mercury within our practice by implementing the safest techniques and technologies available.



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Teeth containing old, leaking mercury metal fillings are evaluated for treatment. Each treatment room is equipped with proper filtration and all equipment is covered prior to treatment onset. Our practice is equipped with the Solmetex NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator in order to most effectively capture mercury particulates  and recycle the waste as safely as possible.


Our patients’ safety during this process matters most. However, it is also our mission to protect ourselves and our environment. Impermeable protective gowns, hairnets and covers will be in place for all present in the treatment room. Furthermore, my assistant and I wear respirators while removing mercury metal fillings.


A personal mask delivering 100% oxygen will be placed in and around the nasal cavity effectively minimizing the inhalation of toxic mercury particles. Impermeable barriers are placed over the mask in order to fully cover the head and neck of our patients during treatment.



Our practice utilizes an oral at source HEPA vacuum system in order to capture aerosol produced in close proximity to our work area. The Dent-Air Vac is placed several inches from our patient’s mouth to mitigate their exposure to mercury. This HEPA unit is used in tandem with the more traditional high and low speed dental evacuation devices.

dental dam

A non-latex nitrile dental dam is placed and sealed around the teeth containing mercury metal fillings. Impermeable barriers are carefully placed under the dam for optimized protection. Every effort is made to minimize the vaporization of mercury during amalgam removal. Our method involves copious water spray to reduce heat coupled with sectioning each filling into pieces using a small diameter carbide drill. 


Once the removal process is complete, the mouth is thoroughly flushed. All contaminated materials are cleared and the room is cleaned and prepared for the restorative phase. The materials we use to restore teeth in our practice are all BPA and metal free. We carefully bond each porcelain and/or resin unit in order to achieve a beautiful and biocompatible result. 


To protect both our patients and the environment we follow the "SMART" protocol that is recommended by the international Academy of Oral medicine and toxicology (IAOMT):

  • Implementing a high volume suction system that traps the amalgam particles and mercury vapor.

  • Isolate the treated teeth from the rest of the mouth with a non-latex rubber dam to prevent ingestion of amalgam particles.

  • Reducing Mercury Vapor by using copious amounts of water on the site.

  • Removing the amalgam in large segments to minimize mercury vapor generation.

  • Provide a mercury free source of air.

  • Safely collecting old composite particles for proper disposal to lessen the impact of the environment.


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Kaufman Dental Associates makes no claims that improvements in ones health will occur by the removal of amalgam fillings. A blood test administered by a medical doctor or holistic provider is the only conclusive way to measure mercury presence in ones system.