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Are you missing one tooth? Several teeth? All your teeth?

Dental implants, placed by the team at Kaufman Dental Associates, may be the solution to restoring your chewing function, your smile......your confidence.

  • Dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth.

  • Implants allow the palate to be fully exposed so that food tastes its best.

  • When cared for properly, Implants will usually last a lifetime.

  • Dental implants stimulate bone and prevent its deterioration when teeth are lost. They will make you look younger, longer.

  • Implants restore lost natural teeth with equal or greater strength allowing extreme confidence when smiling and eating.

Dental implants are most commonly made of medical grade titanium or non-metal zirconium which is fashioned into various diameter screws. They are placed directly into the bones of the jaw and become fused to the bone(s) over the course of a couple to several months. Upon integration (fusion), a dentist may use the implant to support a variety of dental restorations. Dental implants can not be infected with tooth decay and will never require a root canal. From restoring a single lost tooth to a full mouth of teeth, our Wellington, Fl practice has utilized dental implants to provide life changing results to hundreds of patients over the years.

Dental Implant restorative options


Individual implants for missing teeth - When presenting with missing teeth or faced with the imminent loss of teeth, Dr. Kaufman’s patients are offered several courses of action. For those patients who are implant candidates, single tooth implants are the restorations of choice. An individual implant screw is surgically placed, within the bone, to replace each missing tooth. Dr. Kaufman takes great care to ensure proper position and angulation so that the restorative result is both ideally functional and cosmetic. Several months later (upon integration), dentist, Dr. Marianna Kaufman restores each implant with a custom abutment and custom crown. For teeth missing in a cosmetic area, a temporary prosthesis will be fashioned during the integration period. Our patients enjoy this form of implant therapy as an ideal solution to their missing teeth/tooth.  


Implant bridge - When missing several adjacent teeth or an entire arch of teeth, an implant bridge may be fabricated to restore our patients' function and aesthetics. While individual implants replacing each lost tooth may be ideal, sometimes it is simply not possible. For such cases, Dr. Kaufman recommends placement of several implants (2-8) which are later restored with custom abutments and custom cemented bridges.  The patients, at our Wellington, Fl practice, have reported great satisfaction with their implant bridges. Aside from a slightly more challenging home care regimen (which your dentist and hygienist will instruct you on), implant bridges usually have no limitation to function or cosmetic result.


Hybrid appliance - For patients suffering with missing, or imminent loss of, all teeth in an arch - a hybrid appliance will be offered. As the name suggests, a hybrid appliance is a cross between a removable, implant retained denture and a cemented, implant retained bridge. Dentist, Dr. Kaufman evaluates all her patients with missing teeth to determine which restoration will serve them best. Sometimes individual implants are not possible due to lack of bone, cosmetic concerns, or financial limitations. In these instances 4-6 implants are placed within an arch and are restored using a single, cast or milled appliance onto which premium acrylic and teeth are fused. This appliance is screwed into the implants and is removed by the dentist about one time per year for cleaning and maintenance (when indicated). This is a popular choice among our denture wearers who require moderate lip support which is unavailable with cementable restorations. The patients in our Wellington, Fl practice consider their hybrids life changing. While home care can be slightly challenging and there are a few food restrictions, hybrids are reported to be 1000% better than conventional dentures. They offer 100% stability with no movement whatsoever. Patients can not remove them. They are only to be removed by a dentist annually for cleaning purposes.

Dental Implant Materials