Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) may be offered. 

This gas, inhaled through a nose cone, allows for immediate relaxation.  Patients describe the feeling as one of “floating” or “tingling” throughout the body.  Although it is not appropriate for every person or every procedure, nitrous oxide offers an immediate reduction in anxiety for many of our patients.  Upon completion of the procedure, our patients are placed on 100% oxygen to flush the nitrous oxide gas out of the body and are usually able to drive themselves home.

Xanax® or Valium® may be prescribed by our dentists to help patients physically and mentally relax for their dental procedure. 

These medications are pills that are taken about one hour before dental treatment.  While our patients are awake and alert during treatment, they describe feeling much more relaxed and comfortable during their visit.  When taking these medications, our patients must be driven to and from their dental appointment by another party.



Halcion® sedation is a good choice for our patients undergoing implant placement and other types of surgery. 

It is also our dentists’ top choice for those patients with severe dental anxiety.  This sedative is in the form of a pill that is prescribed and then taken about 1 hour prior to dental treatment.  Halcion® provides among the highest level of sedation without the use of IV medication. Our patients report feeling the ultimate level of relaxation on this medication.  Most patients have little to no memory at all of their dental visit.  When taking this medication, our patients must have a driver bring them to their appointment and stay throughout the procedure.