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“I use the symmetry and beauty I see in nature as my guide when designing a smile makeover. To me, a persons smile should be the truest representation of themselves. When creating a smile design, I consider the shape of the face and lips in addition to choosing tooth color, form and texture. Since a smile is so much more than just the teeth, I need to be sure that the new teeth will enhance their appearance. I am so gratified when my patients tell me that the teeth I designed look more natural than their former teeth!”


As a Holistic Dentist, I consider each patients general well being, nutrition, and systemic conditions while evaluating their teeth, gums, and jaw. It is my mission that each patient in my practice understands the vital importance of preventing disease in their mouths. There is an undisputed mouth-body connection. As such, I do not support the use of toxic materials in the mouth. In addition, as a Physiological Dentist, I consider a stable dental bite to be critical for healthy full body posture. 


When I graduated dental school I was so eager to begin my career as a dentist. My first few years were spent in gaining speed and confidence in my ability. The next few years were actually tougher...... I began to realize that although I had learned so much, there was so much left to learn. Neuromuscular dentistry served to “fill in the blanks” for me. It is a physiological approach which considers the teeth, muscles, and jaws and the harmony (or lack there of) therein. Over the years, my patients have truly appreciated this comprehensive approach.