Are you missing one tooth? Several teeth? All your teeth?

Dental implants, placed by the team at Kaufman Dental Associates, may be the solution to restoring your chewing function, your smile......your confidence.

  • Dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth.

  • Implants allow the palate to be fully exposed so that food tastes its best.

  • When cared for properly, Implants will usually last a lifetime.

  • Dental implants stimulate bone and prevent its deterioration when teeth are lost. They will make you look younger, longer.

  • Implants restore lost natural teeth with equal or greater strength allowing extreme confidence when smiling and eating.

Dental implants are most commonly made of medical grade titanium or non-metal zirconium which is fashioned into various diameter screws. They are placed directly into the bones of the jaw and become fused to the bone(s) over the course of a couple to several months. Upon integration (fusion), a dentist may use the implant to support a variety of dental restorations. Dental implants can not be infected with tooth decay and will never require a root canal. From restoring a single lost tooth to a full mouth of teeth, our Wellington, Fl practice has utilized dental implants to provide life changing results to hundreds of patients over the years.