January 20, 2014

lf you are willing to compromise, rather than getting perfect, professional, pain-free, and extremely patient friendly dental care, then Kaufman Dental may not be for you.

I just finished a ten month process of having my teeth literally 100% restored and I could not be more pleased.

I was told on day one everything it was going to take to re-construct what I had allowed to become a very bad dental condition, including that it would take ten months. Dr. Kaufman fulfilled every promise including (and most importantly) that it would be almost pain free. This in spite of major oral surgery.

Not only Dr. Kaufman, but every one on her staff, are true professionals while also being compassionate and fun to work with.


Dr. Kaufman scheduled an extra appointment when she was not 100% pleased with a procedure that seemed line to me.

When a temporary came off a staff member came in within hours on a Saturday afternoon to re-attach it. 

When I had an issue with one new tooth Dr. Kaufman was able to re-build it and replace it in less than an hour. 

I am thrilled with my outcome and glad to be done. But I will actually miss Dr. Kaufman, her people and the attention I received.

Pretty sure l won't miss my six month check-up. 


Bill A.