"Simply Better Dentistry"

Wellington Florida Cosmetic Dentist  Marianna Kaufman  is the visionary behind Kaufman Dental Associates, a leading cosmetic dental practice located within Palm Beach County's exclusive equestrian community of Wellington Florida. The practice specializes in, but is not limited to, Veneers, Crowns, Implants, cosmetic, and family dentistry. Our dentistry is performed in a unique and tranquil environment with the highest standard of care possible. Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Marianna Kaufman, and her team strive to provide the latest in state of the art dental techniques and choose the best materials available. Our team is committed to making your visit to our office one that is pleasant, informative, and comfortable. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice! Read what our patients are saying about us.



It is a beautiful feature that travels with you wherever you go. Your smile deserves the very best in cosmetic dentistry, and for that your choice is Kaufman Dental Associates in Wellington, FL.

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Our Wellington Florida dental office is the epitome of dental excellence. Only a small handful of skilled practitioners are truly capable of transforming everyday smiles into timeless works of art. Among this elite group of dental specialists, south Florida cosmetic and family dentist Dr. Marianna Kaufman is renowned for her ability to create masterpiece smiles. Dr. Kaufman blends elegant form with safe, healthy and practical function in a way that captures the true essence of your beauty.

You will be thrilled with our team's expertise, down-to-earth approach and comprehensive attention-to-detail. Satisfied patients have each experienced Dr. Kaufman’s passion for the art and science of cosmetic dentistry.



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Excellence in dentistry is a standard that requires an uncanny eye for artistry and a willingness to invest whatever time and effort is necessary to help you discover the full potential of your smile.By considering every detail – from the color and tone of your skin, to the texture of each tooth – Dr. Kaufman and associates will craft your beautiful new smile. No expense is spared when selecting the finest materials, ceramists, laboratory facilities, and technology to create a smile that you will be thrilled to share everywhere you go.

No matter what procedure you may need, from enhancements like teeth whitening and porcelain veneers, to restoring function with dental implants or crowns you will receive expert care.



Be treated like a treasured guest by Wellington Florida cosmetic dentist Dr. Marianna Kaufman, her associates and her team while getting your fabulous new smile. Her one-on-one personal approach at your initial consultation is filled with informative questions and answers which are critical to the success of any smile makeover.

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Using cutting edge technology including digital x-rays, photography and impressions, Dr. Kaufman will work towards achieving your personal goals, all in a serene and tranquil setting.

Dr. Kaufman, a sculptor in her spare time, attends to the minute details and planes of each and every tooth, taking the time and care required for the clean finished lines of your masterpiece.

At Kaufman Dental Associates, you will always find exemplary service with a compassionate, gentle touch that makes achieving a beautiful, healthy smile comfortable and worry-free.



While south Florida has no shortage of cosmetic dentists advertising their services, quality is of the utmost importance when selecting your dental home. The best quality skills, tools, and materials not only ensure a beautiful outcome, but a healthy and long-lasting one. 

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If its too good to be true... it probably is. Cheap is not always best, and when it comes to dental work, patients need to be careful with where they go and who they choose to do their procedure.

A good cosmetic dentist will ensure that all signs of decay have been removed prior to doing any cosmetic work rather than leaving disease and infected tissue and placing the restoration over it. This ensures a happy smile that will last for years without requiring costly and sometimes extensive repairs.

Dr. Kaufman has an impeccable reputation amongst her patients and her colleagues in the profession. A rarity in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Kaufman backs up her work with a guarantee.



  1. Outstanding care from a team with exceptional professional skill and ability;
  2. Dedication to your long-term dental health;
  3. Minimized need for costly reconstructive work through proper preventative care and appropriate, careful preparation of cosmetic procedures;
  4. Commitment to making your visits as comfortable and pleasant as possible;
  5. The right treatment for you, at the right time for you; and,
  6. Fees that are fair and just for the services we provide.

As eminent professionals, the team at Kaufman Dental Associates provides you with service that meets the highest standard of care offering a relaxed and considerate approach to cosmetic and family dentistry. We hope to exceed your expectations and provide you with a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth for life.